We are pushing the standards of the industry. / We do not accept the ordinary. / We do not want to follow.

Let’s be forward-thinkers / Let’s be visionaries

Our mission is to redefine the supplement industry by bringing and imposing standards of quality and transparency on all our products.

Also the XPN Academy is another example of our commitment to performance and rising industry standards. This academy is dedicated to the continuous training of various players in the field of physical activity such as: Coaches, Kinesiologists, physiotherapists, etc …

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XPN Big Gainer

When we are talking about calories and a fast weight gain, Big Gainer is the product you need.

Rich in carbohydrates, Big Gainer also contains 3 types of proteins : whey, casein and dried egg albumen.

Made for people with a fast metabolism or looking to gain more weight.

Big Gainer contains MCT (medium-chain tryglicerides), a fatty acid that is easy to metabolize and rich in calories.

XPN Casein-X

Casein is the main protein in milk. It represents 80% of the protein in milk, the other 20% being whey protein. Casein-X is a complete protein which is used to repair, maintain and buils muscle tissues. Casein’s advantage resides in digestion. It takes longer to digest and absorb. For this reason, it is used at bedtime so it has its effect during sleep.

XPN Iso Xtrem

Iso Xtrem, a WPI 90%, provides the highest biological value ever known. A 30g serving offers 27g of bio-active whey protein isolate, extracted with cold cross-flow membrane and ion exchangers, producing an ultra micro filtered isolate.

Contains no lactose, no carbohydrates and no fat.

The best product for muscle growth without fat gain.

It can also be used as an appetite suppressant in diets for weight loss.
From $20.18

XPN Natural Iso

Isolate protein made with natural flavor, no coloring, no artificial sweetener and made with New Zealand protein.

The best product for muscle growth without fat gain.

It can also be used as an appetite suppressant in diets for weight loss.
From $20.93

XPN Natural Iso + Greens

As you know XPN always has to heart health and quality first and foremost. We have combined two of our health products in one pot! The combination of New Zealand isolate with our greens formula produces a perfect choice to supplement your nutritional intake. DYE-free and no artificial sweetener.

XPN Protein Rush

Give your body what it needs to recover without compromise! Containing 24 grams of superior quality protein and easy to mix, it is a must for muscle tissue recovery. With fast absorption, high biological value, and a great taste, every athlete will appreciate the low fat content (no trans fats) while giving you all the necessary proteins to support the recovery of the warrior in you. Made in a GMP certified facility to ensure Protein Rush is a quality product. Also, this formula is gluten free. Protein Rush, an essential to your training.