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Evolving as they do in a society focused on appearance, abundance, and performance, individuals must constantly work against time and the toxicity of the industrialized world to achieve their objectives.

In order to optimize their performance, people have access to a multitude of natural health products. Most of these products, however, are of poor quality and fail to produce the desired effect. Aware of this reality, the ATP Laboratories team has developed a line of innovative products to meet the needs of men, women, and children of all ages.


At ATP Laboratories, human beings are at the heart of our concerns. In order to improve their quality of life, we have put our 40 years of experience to work to develop, produce, and market natural health products that are pure, effective, and of the highest quality.

Constantly innovating, we are committed to working in close cooperation with our partners to develop, produce, and market the best products in the industry.

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ATP Adipolitik

Burns fat Stabilizes blood sugar Reduces cravings Increases metabolism

ATP Diuretik - 120 Caps

For ultimate water balance and reduced water retention.

ATP Estro Control - 60 Caps

Helps to support/promote healthy estrogen metabolism

ATP Glutamed - 500mg

Pure Pharmaceutical-grade Glutamine and Glycine

ATP IBCAA - 400g

Instantly dissolving branched-chain amino acids - Stimulates muscle protein recovery and decreases exercise-induced muscle breakdown.

ATP Kik - 100 Caps

A product that helps you ignite passion, smolders your unwanted fat, makes you want to eat in controlled portions, gives you the strength and vigor to go that extra mile and push yourself harder is not just a fat loss product but a companion to be cherished. ATP LAB KIK Fat Burner is just that.